We Are Now in Amed, Bali, Indonesia. Let's go diving!


Amed is located on the north-east coast of Bali. By car, about 15 mins south of Tulamben, along the main road, and then 15 mins on a local road, so Amed is much prettier than Tulamben.

Due to the easy conditions at Amed, it is suitable both for novice and experienced divers. There is very rarely any wave action at the surface, so any surface swims and ascents/descents, are worry-free. Divers have virtually no currents to contend with, so no buoyancy problems for the less-experienced, for those who have perfected their buoyancy the opportunity to get right up close and enjoy all the smaller animals on offer. The water temperature can be affected by thermoclines, and the visibility is usually 14-22 meters.

Best diveshop in Amed - BLD 1

Welcome to Bld 1, a cute and friendly diveshop where you feel very safe and taken in goods hands. All our equipment is new and in very good conditions. We take only smalls groups (4 persons maximum) and all our staff is very friendly.

We offer Fun dives for all certified diver and propose you all certifications to go pro:

Try Scuba, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue, Divemaster, and all specialties: Nitrox, Science of Diving, Wreck, Deep, Night...

Our office located along Amed beach provides a live training on the Drop-off of Jemeluk Bay.

Our dive sites:

Tulamben with the USS Liberty, a Drop-off, and coral gardens,

Amed with its Jemeluk natural reef and structures who permitt to preserve the marine life, the Japanese wreck, and multiple dive sites specifically affectionated by photographers for the diversity of marine species. Kubu visited for its small wreck and coral gardens...

The courses are offered in English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Indonesian.

Our center delivers SSI Certifications.