Advanced Open Water

€250 / 2 days
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€700 / 3-4 weeks
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Try scuba/baptem/introduction (€75) half day

The first step into the beautiful underwater kingdom. Come and try 2 dives with us. After a short briefing and a few skills, you will be able to discover our wonderful underwater world. You can even dive the only big wreck in the world which is accessible for the people who never dived before.

Open water Diver (€285) 3 days

The entry level in scuba diving. We offer 6 dives (although the minimum to complete the course is 4 dives), you will have a book to read, some theory and underwater skills and a final exam. After that you will be an independent diver and able to go diving without an instructor, until 18 metres! You will also pay less for the Fun Dives that you will do after. This course is very interesting and you will learn a lot!

Advanced Open Water Diver (€250) 2 days

This is the second level in recreational diving and you will discover 5 interesting specialties (The most common are Perfect Buoyancy, Deep, Wreck, Night, Navigation, Nitrox, Drift and Search and Recovery, but you can choose among many others...). You can then pursue the ones you liked the most and complete the specialty program for the particular types of diving you've selected.

Specialty Programs (€150) 2-3 days

You will learn everything you need to know to be a successful diver in a particular type of dive. You will have a book to read, some theory and underwater skills, and finally an exam to complete. You can choose among many specialties including Deep, Night, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Wreck, Nitrox, Underwater Photography and more. Please contact us for more information about the specialty programs.

Stress and Rescue Diver (€265) 2 days

Learn about the correct ways to react in case of problems that might occur, including how to avoid, recognize and solve these problems both underwater and at the surface.

Divemaster (€700) 3-4 weeks

The first professional level in recreational diving. Learn how to manage a dive centre and how to make pre-dive briefings and guide people who are already certified (Open Water Divers or higher level). This course is very interesting if you plan to work in our beautiful underwater world.

Fun Dives

If you are already certified, you can do 2 Fundives with us or with a divemaster

Tulamben (€60)

Coral garden (a very interesting area with a lot of fishes, cuttlefishes, morays, leaf scorpionfishes, and sometimes sharks and turtles)

Drop-off (a big wall of lava from the volcano),

USAT Liberty (One of the biggest and the easiest and safest wreck to dive in the world!) It was an American cargo torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. The 1963 Mount Agung's eruption moved the boat 40 metres away from the beach into the ocean.

Amed (€50)

Shore dive (an original dive site with underwater sculptures and beautiful coral)

Coral garden (Beautiful coral and fishes)

Amed by boat (€75)

Pyramids (underwater concrete blocks in the shape of pyramids, full of marine life)

Jemeluk wall (A big wall full of coral and marine life)

Lipah (€75 with Japanese wreck included)

The most beautiful coral of the north-east Bali

Japanese wreck (€75 with Lipah included)

A beautiful small wreck of the second world war with a lot of marine life around