Leo, inctructor

I fell in love with diving when i was 15 years old during high-school. We had a diving option for the bachelor. It was training in a swimming-pool and one time per year we went to the Meediterranean sea, in the south of France.

I got very interested in this activity but i only had the chance to pursue it 4 years later in Roatan, Honduras, Central America. I started my Divemaster course there and after a 2-year break, I finished it in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The drift dives with the Bullsharks are amazing there!

Then, I came back to France and I spent 3 years without diving, which made me sad. I really wanted to continue this wonderful activity, and that's why I did my instructor course in Koh-Tao, in 2015 and I have been working as instructor since, with a small break during the summer in France, where I was a rafting instructor in the Alpes.

I have always done seasonal jobs and when I wasn't diving, I was working with school children and teenagers in France, teaching snow and ocean activities.

Now I'm 30 years old and I still love water sports and especially diving. Even if we dive often in the same places, each dive is different, the marine life and the people who you dive with are also different. That's why you can't be bored of this beautiful activity. I have a very open mind and I like to learn more everyday.

I've dove in Porquerolles and Port-Crot, south of France, Roatan, Honduras, central America, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Koh-Tao, Thailand and Raja Ampat, West Papoua Indonesia since I was 15 years old.


Rita, instructor

My first scuba dive was on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, in 2011. It was love at first sight and after that dive I knew that I wanted to become a Scuba Diving Instructor!

The feeling of being suspended in the water and the beauty and liveliness of the reef just took my breath away! So, after that, whenever I had time off work (I am also a Human Biologist) I was traveling to a different place each time to do my scuba training. I did my Open Water and Advanced courses in Gili Trawangan (Lombok, Indonesia), Rescue course in Mauritius, Divemaster in Koh Tao (Thailand), SSI Instructor Course in Amed (Bali, Indonesia) and PADI Instructor Course in Sodwana Bay (South Africa). Meanwhile I have been diving also in Portugal, Mozambique, and Komodo National Park (Indonesia).

I currently live in Amed, Bali, where I work full time as a Scuba Instructor. My passion for the underwater world makes me want to share and introduce this magnificent world to new divers, and I feel very lucky to be able to teach people from all over the world everyday and to influence them to continue their diving experiences.

My goal is to continue growing as a diver, as a Scuba Instructor and to keep discovering new creatures to show to anyone who wants to dive with me!

Elephant Fish

Elephant Fish, fish

- Who are you, Mr. Fish?
- Glug glug...

Makara (Sanskrit: मकर) is a sea-creature in Hindu culture. It is generally depicted as half terrestrial animal in the frontal part (stag, deer, crocodile, or elephant) and half aquatic animal in the hind part (usually a fish or seal tail, though sometimes a peacock or even a floral tail is depicted.) Makara take many different forms throughout Asia. In Hindu astrology, Makara is equivalent to the sign of Capricorn, tenth of the twelve symbols of the Zodiac.