In a place that is loaded with dive shops, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which one to go for. Fortunate for my girlfriend and I, the home stay we were at recommended this place as he knew the owner.

We talked to one of the dive instructors whom came to the home stay and explained what exactly was included in the open water dive course. I had been diving before but it was my girlfriend's first time and we wanted to get certified.

We were lucky enough to have Rita, who was a fantastic instructor and made the course totally worth the cost. Whether or not it's your first time diving, we highly recommend BLD Dive!


We went to Amed for our open water course. The owner of our bungalow contacted us with BL diving. After some information about the open water course and SSI, Cecile showed us the shop and the dive gear. It looked professional and the vibe was nice so we decided to take the course. We started next morning with Rita, she is the sweetest! the first 10 minutes in the water I paniced a bit, but she made me calm and took me down again. I felt much more comfortable in the water! She did not only learned all the practical things, but also showed us the wonderfull underwater world!

Sophie J

I am a very picky person and also prefer to spend less money. After I checked almost all diving centers in Amed, my gf was about to kill me and throw my body into the ocean. However i made a decision and (stayed alive) have chosen a Bali Loisir Daving Center. It was not the cheepest place in the beginning (but eventually they gave me 15% dicont), however i felt good and very comfortable in their invironment. Also there where other picky couple (bcoz they also check most of the centers) searching for a best diving center in parallel with us. Coincidentally or not, we both have chosen same place. And i never regret about my choise. I was very lucky to work with a very beautiful and professional instructor, Rita Cabral, from Portugal. She is incredibly positive person. Every morning she meets you with a sharing of her big smile , what really helps you to wake up.

Also I was super lucky to work with Rita tet-a-tet, coz there where no other students who wanted to do an Open Water Course in that period in their center (it means no need to wait for other ppl to fulfill a group, u are alone already a "group"). The other thing I really like in BLD, that they teach theoretical part right before every dive. It means you don't need to stay all day long in the classroom, learning a theory. But you learn with Instructor smth you need for today only.

Also the difference with other shops, is that you will dive 6 times instead of 5!

The else thing I really like, is the attitude of instructor (Rita) to her resposebilities. She really cares whether you understand what she is explaining and tries to give you the material as easy as it is possible for you to understand!

And one more important thing, Rita viewed all the theoretical material right before the exam, so there is no chance you'll fail!!!(unless you are really dumb) So, don't doubt, choose your best diving center!!!!

P.S.: Rita, thank you a lot, it was wonderful time. And hope to see you under water as my diving buddy. Ola...;)

Anastasiia D

We got to have Our first diving experience with Rita and everything was perfect. Rita made everything easy for us, she is great at conveying important information and always does with good humor, patience and most important a smile. We went to see the shipwreck, and the site is truly amazing. So thanks again bld and Rita!

marie B

Excellent centre de plongée, Leo, a été super pour mon baptème et ensuite mon Open Water, il est français et pour apprendre c'est vraiment 1 plus. Propose 6 plongée pour l'Open Water ce qui est plus que la plupart des autres centres, les spots du Liberty, Drop off et jemeluk sont vraiment tops. Les tarifs sont très compétitifs, je recommande grandement!

Mat Pjw R

I had never imagined that i could be so relaxed underwater. The dive sites are amazing and the team is really nice! Special thanks to Rita, my instructor, who showed me another world!

Tessa H

Rita was a very patient instructor. I'd definitely recommend both Rita and Leo if you're keen to do some diving and Amed is a beautiful place to do it!.


If you want to try scuba diving, but are afraid - just go and ask Leo instructor. Next to him you will feel safe, can breathe under water and become part of the wonderful world.